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Creating Visual Memories

Sometimes when you first see an image it resonates without clear reason. The items I have selected have remained in my visual memory throughout my time working for the Brooklyn Museum and Project CHART. They each share a common thread in which point of view is vital to reading the images.


Mapping Brooklyn’s Visual History

Have you noticed that online, maps have suddenly become trendy? Whether I am researching restaurant reviews or looking up friends’ photographs, everything seems to be tied into a map. The same is true for digital collections.


Tracing the Tale of Talmage’s Tabernacle

As one of the interns taking part in Project CHART, I have been working with the Museum’s collection of lantern slides. Many of these were taken by members of the Department of Photography of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, the museum’s predecessor, and mostly between 1880 and 1900.


Pinpointing the Past

Many visitors may recall seeing the Nicholas and Jan   Martense Schenck homes on display, as part of the Brooklyn Museum’s period room collection. These two houses, along with additional primary sources, provide a fascinating window into the life of the Schenck family and other early Brooklyn settlers.