Bushwick (New York, N.Y.)

[Street shot of intersection between Wilson Avenue and Linden Street]

Shot of Wilson Avenue at Linden Street...


This is a close-up view of a supermarket. The sign reads "Bayamon Supermarket: Cold Cuts; Free Delivery" and the text is flanked by two Diet Pepsi...

[Surveying a construction site]

Two men survey a construction site with their backs facing the camera. The site is a pit filled with rubble and...

[Synagogue or Jewish home]

View of a building that appears to be a synagogue or Jewish home, per the sign on the building.

[Theill Luncheonette.]

Theill Luncheonette, Flushing Avenue at corner of Flushing Avenue and Humboldt Street.

[Town houses]

Image shows the second and third stories of several town houses.

[Townhouses and storefronts on Wilson Avenue, near the intersection with Menahan Street]

This photo...

[Townhouses in Bushwick]

View of a row of townhouses with cars parked on the street outside. The buildings show some signs of damage as many windows and some...

[Townhouses on Wilson Avenue]

Townhouses on Wilson Avenue in Bushwick. The storefronts have been destroyed and all windows in the three townhouses shown...


View of townhouses, some of which have their windows and doorfronts boarded-up. There is a group of pedestrians that includes several children.


A townhouse with boarded-up doors and windows as well as some broken windows. There's grafitti on the door.

[Two firetrucks]

Two F.D.N.Y. fire trucks outside a church or synagogue and an adjacent building that has been destroyed. Two men stand outside the trucks and the...

[Two women looking out of building windows]

Two women looking out of two adjacent windows. They' appear to be looking at something or...

[Vandervoort Place (east side).]

Vandervoort Place (east side) - taken from near corner of Flushing Avenue.

[Various car parts arranged on top of a structure]

Image shows various car parts arranged on top of some sort of indeterminate, slightly...

[View from Broadway Junction (BMT).]

View from Broadway Junction (BMT) platform looking west.

[View from Broadway Junction platform (BMT).]

View from Broadway Junction platform (BMT) looking east.

[View of Central Avenue in Bushwick]

Townhouses and cars on Central Avenue in Bushwick. The townhouses in view have missing and/or broken windows as...

[View of els at Van Sinderen Avenue.]

View of els at Van Sinderen Avenue - Broadway Junction Station.

[View of fire-damaged rowhouse]

View of a fire-damaged townhouse. The exterior of the top story has been burned away, exposing the interior and...

[View of north side of Bushwick Avenue.]

View of north side of Bushwick Avenue looking east toward Myrtle Avenue Tallest building is #665...

[View of north side of Bushwick Avenue.]

View of north side of Bushwick Avenue between Hart Street and Cedar Street, looking east.

[View of townhouses]

Another view of a row of townhouses, many of which have boarded-up or broken windows. We also see some cars parked alongside the townhouses...

[View of townhouses]

Townhouses with boarded-up windows and doors. The first townhouse in the foreground is painted yellow with a red door.

[Woman standing at an intersection]

A woman standing at an intersection in Bushwick and shuttered stores, specifcally, Behil Shops.

[Yard next to recreational facility]

The yard adjacent to the concrete recreational facility. The yard is filled with stones and debris. In the...


Image shows a yard--which might be adjacent to the recreational facility seen in other photos in this collection--scattered with garbage and debris. In the...