Steuben Street (Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.)

Boys Club [baseball]

Boys Club [written on recto]Portrait of boys baseball team.

Boys Club, Dr. H.

Boys Club, Dr H. [written on recto]Group portrait of boys, young men and adults.

Christmas Decorations [Emmanuel House]

Christmas Decorations [written on recto].Interior holiday decorations.

Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House [written on recto].Location of the Emmanuel House building at 131 Steuben St.


Gymnasium [written on recto].Gymnasium and recreation facility for children of the Emmanuel House.

Jas. Clarke

Jas. Clarke [written on recto]Portrait of man (Jas. possibly short for James) in sports attire in front of multiple trophies.

Kindergarten Boys

Kindergarten Boys [written on lantern sleeve]Group portrait of Kindergarten boys.

Young Ladies, hats

Young Ladies, hats [written on recto]Portrait of hats for young ladies.

[Boys with nets during instruction]

Boys V. B. S. [written on recto]Portrait of boys receiving instruction while holding nets

[Group Portrait of children in Sewing School]

Sewing School [written on recto].Group portrait of children in Sewing School.

[Group portrait of gym class at Emmanuel House]

Boys Gym Class [written on recto].Group portrait at Emmanuel house.

[Group Portrait of Kindergarten Class]

Kindergarten [written on recto].Group portrait of Kindergarten class.

[Group portrait of Miss Stanton and girls]

Miss Stanton & Girls [written on recto].Group Portrait of woman (Miss Stanton) and young...

[Group portrait of woman with kindergarten class]

Kindergarten; Miss Eddy [written on recto].Goup portrait of woman (Miss Eddy) with...

[Group portrait of women and Kindergarten Class]

Kindergarten [written on recto].Group portrait of kindergarten children with adult...

[Group portrait on carriage]

Group portrait of children with adult female sitting on carriage.

[Ice Delivery from the American Ice Company to Emmanuel House]

Casper, Iceman [written on recto].Horse-drawn wagon delivering...

[Kindergarden children in Auditorium]

Kindergarten in Aud. [written on recto].Portrait of kindergarten children in auditorium of the Emmanuel...

[Mothers' Outing: 6/15/1911]

Ready to startMothers Outing [written on recto].Group portrait of women and children about to leave for field trip (one...

[Sunday School Juniors before outing]

S. S. Juniors, Outing [written on recto].Group portrait of Sunday School juniors.

[Thanksgiving dinner tables]

Mother's Thanksgiving [written on recto]Thankgiving table set up at the Emmanuel House.

[The Old Emmanuel House building]

The Old House Cor. Myrtle Ave/& Steuben St-Fore(runner) of E.H. [written on recto]View of the old Emmanuel...