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Red Hook 1995

Close-up, exterior view of upper portion of a brick apartment house located at the intersection of Clinton Street and Bush Street in Red Hook. Image includes street signs in the foreground.

[Fayette Street]

View of a portion of a large apartment complex on Fayette Street, with a demolished truck parked in the foreground.

[90 Beaver Street]

View of apparently closed ABC Welding Iron Works, with a large sign over the entrance, located at 90 Beaver Street, with portions of several, large apartment complexes in the background.

Park Slope

Close-up view of Park Slope post office located on 7th Avenue near 2nd Street, with apartments above. Image includes portions of attached buildings on each side. The building on the left has an...

Bird's eye view from 85 Leonard St.

Aerial view of residential section of Williamsburg taken from roof of 85 Leonard Street with four lines of laundry hanging in left foreground.

Bird's eye view from roof

Aerial view of residential section of Williamsburg including Boerum Street and Lorimer Street.

Boerum & Lorimer Sts.

Section of Boerum Street, between Lorimer Street and Leonard Street, a Williamsburg business district, with stores on ground floor of apartment houses, several pedestrians, several vehicles,...

Johnson Ave. & Leonard St.

Residential section of Johnson Avenue between Leonard Street and Lorimer Street in Williamsburg with group of children standing, and telephone pole and overhead lines, in foreground.

Leonard & Boerum Sts.

Section of Leonard Street between Boerum Street and Johnson Avenue, a business district in Williamsburg, with stores on ground floor of apartment buildings, parked automobile, and group of...

Lorimer & Boerum Sts.

Intersection of Lorimer Street and Boerum Street in Williamsburg, business district with stores on ground floor of apartment houses, many pedestrians, trolley car, truck, horse-drawn vehicle, and...