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[Ebbets Field]

View of facade of Ebbets Field baseball stadium located at 55 Sullivan Place. The image is not dated.

Come on, come on!

Caption: "Come on, come on!--This couple [Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kohn of 4572 Kings Highway] put heart and soul into their rooting. A Series game can be rough on fingernails and larynxes as these folks...

Dom Barbuto

Close-up view of Dom Barbuto, Brooklyn Dodgers fan, cheering during game at Ebbets Field.

Celebrate victory

Caption: "Celebrate victory--Jubiliant Dodgers in the clubhouse following their triumph over Phillies at Ebbets Field yesterday. Left to right, Duke Snider with Roy Campanella, Jr. on his lap,...

Ralph Branca

Close-up portrait of Ralph Branca, back to camera, holding a black cat on his left shoulder. Branca was a pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1943 until 1954.

Long may she wave

Caption: "Long may she wave--Everybody in Brooklyn is celebrating the success of Our Heroes. Joseph Conte, left, proprietor, and Anthony Sciacchitano, manager of LaTosca Music Shop, 259 Columbia...

Mrs. Jackie Robinson

Close-up view of Rachel Robinson, center, wife of Jackie Robinson who played with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947 to 1956. Image includes two other unidentified people.

Typical fans, younger generation

Caption: "Typical fans (younger generation)--All dressed up and carrying [Brooklyn Dodgers] pennants to show whom they are for, these Brooklynites await parade. Left to right: Madeline Rocco, 2,...

Saying a mouthful

Caption: "Saying a mouthful--Three 17-year-olds from Carlton Ave., armed with megaphones, hoot and holler words of encouragement to Dodger stalwarts at Yankee Stadium. Cheerleaders, front to rear...

Opening game of the World Series

Caption: "Opening game of the World Series was scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. Photo taken ...shows bleacherites [two waving pennants] registering delight ..."