New York (N.Y.)

137 Ludlow Street

View of floor plan of tenement apartment house located at 137 Ludlow Street.

A Brooklyn noble and a big bass drum

Caption: "A Brooklyn noble and a big bass drum--With violent (but controlled) energy, Noble of the Mystic...

A cluster of tots

View of several women and children in City Hall Park.

A few bombs

Night view of fireworks on Brooklyn Bridge on October 11, 1892.

A walk over from the Brooklyn station

View of several pedestrians walking across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

About to enter the N. Y. station

View of entrance to trolley station on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Image includes five pedestrians, four...

Adele Schwartz [Mrs. Julian Ramus]

Adele Schwartz(now, 1975, Mrs. Julian Ramus)about 5 years old - ca. 1910 (born in Harlem 1905)photographer:...

Aiding Brownsville boys

Caption: "Aiding Brownsville boys--Mayor O'Dwyer accepts honorary chairmanship of a $150,000 campaign for clubhouse for...

American News Co.

Exterior view of the American News Company Building located, presumably, in Manhattan. Image includes street light in right foreground.

Arion Club

Exterior view of the Arion Club located at the intersection of Park Avenue and 59th Street.

Art museum

Exterior view of the Metropolitan Museum of Art located at 5th Avenue and 82nd Street. It opened on February 20, 1872.

Artists at work

Caption: "Artists at work--Scenes in the Williamsburg Housing Project yesterday at what was probably Brooklyn's first outdoor juvenile art exhibit...

Artists at work
Artists at work
As they painted the town green

Caption: "As they painted the town green--While the sons and daughters of Erin, 90,000 strong, marched up 5th Ave.,...

Astor House

Exterior view of Astor House, a Greek Revival style hotel located on Broadway between Vesey Street and Barclay Street.

Autopsy room at the morgue

View of three corpses lying on tables in Bellevue Hospital morgue's autopsy room.

Bandit's roost

View of Mulberry Street alley with laundry hanging on clotheslines at the back of residential, possibly apartment, buildings.

Bar mitzvah prayers

Caption: "Bar mitzvah prayers--Robert Taylor, left, and Allan Benowitz, who are among 12 youngsters of the Pride of Judea Children's Home...

Barge Office

Exterior view of the Barge Office, a large, Romanesque building located at Battery Park, used for the processing of incoming immigrants after Ellis...

Baron Hirsh [sic] Trade School

View of eleven young men, apprentices, most of whom are wearing aprons, standing in workshop at Baron de Hirsch Trade...

Baxter St.

View of section of Baxter Street showing flag-decorated tenement buildings, possibly in connection with a religious festival. Image includes two-wheeled...

Baxter St. clothing store

View of two men and two women standing in front of I. Buss clothing store located at 49 Baxter Street. Image includes section...

Baxter St. rag dealers

View of five men, four women, and two boys standing on cobblestoned Baxter Street. One boy is standing on a large partially-open...

Bellevue Hospital morgue

View of Bellevue Hospital morgue. Additional inscription: "Small room at end contains the 'cooler'."

Bible House

Exterior view of the New York Bible Society's Bible House located at Astor Place.


View of section of Broadway looking north from Franklin Street with office buildings on both sides.

Broadway Theatre

Exterior view of the Broadway Theatre located at the intersection of Broadway and 41st Street.

Brooklyn delegation

Caption: "Brooklyn delegation--Deputy Boxing Commissioner Frederick T. McGrath, Republican leader of the 12th A.D., gives 4-year-old...

Brooklyn Shriners in big parade

Caption: "Brooklyn Shriners in big parade--Down 5th Ave., Manhattan, march Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of Kismet...

Brooklyn Tabernacle

Interior view of Central Presbyterian Church located at the intersection of Marcy Avenue and Jefferson Avenue. Image shows portion of...

Building the cable road

View of group of workmen constructing a roadway, under an elevated structure on Chatham Street, for cable cars or streetcars.

Cadet boys in uniform

View of group of boy cadets sitting or standing on a stage at People's Palace located, presumably, in Manhattan. They are all wearing...

Canal boats

View of several barges moored in a canal. The location, presumably Manhattan, is unknown.

Carnegie Hall

Exterior view of Carnegie Hall located at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 57th Street.


Exterior view of a casino located at the intersection of Broadway and 39th Street.

Catholic Club

Exterior view of the Catholic Club located on 59th Street. The exact location is unknown.

Central Police Office

Exterioir view of Central Police Office, a large, four-story building, located at 300 Muberry Street. Image includes street light in...

Century Magazine

Exterior view of the building housing Century Magazine. Image includes four other, partially-visible buidings. Signs on Jackson Building onm...

Cheap lodging house

View of several men sleeping in a lodging house on Mulberry Street. Additional inscription, "Midnight; the 10-cent room."

Chickering Hall

Exterior view of Chickering Hall, a concert hall located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 18th Street.

Chinese Sun

View of fireworks display on the Brooklyn Bridge. Inscription: "Chinese Sun on the Bridge tower."

Church of the Transfiguration

View of Church of the Transfiguration, also known as the Little Church Around the Corner, located at 1 East 29th Street....

City Hall Park

View of group of adults, mostly men, sitting on benches at City Hall Park. Image includes several office buildings in distant background....

Class in jam session

Caption: "Class in jam session--Students of Brooklyn College's unique Adult Education Jazz Course gather at Child's Paramount Restaurant,...

Clinton Hall

Exterior view of Clinton Hall, home to the Mercantile Library of New York from 1855 to 1932, located at 13 Astor Place.

Clothing store

View of three men and two boys, one back to camera carrying large box, in front of outdoor clothing store on Baxter Street. Image includes section...

Colonial Club

Exterior view of the Colonial Club located on West 72nd Street. The exact address is unknown.

Cook house

Exterior view of Cook mansion located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 78th Street.

Cooper Union

Exterior view of Cooper Union located at 51 Astor Place. Image includes cobblestone street in foreground.

De Vinne Press

Exterior view of the De Vinne Press, a large, seven-story printing plant located at 393-399 Lafayette Street.

Dodger Sym-Phony serenades Judge Leibowitz & wife as latter leave for South Amer. cruise


Dodger Sym-Phony serenades Judge Leibowitz & wife as latter leave for South Amer. cruise


Dodgers come home

Three Brooklyn Dodgers and their wives, some holding luggage, waving to photographers and fans on underground train platform; porter and...

Doing their bit

Caption: "Doing their bit--Pupils in special shop class at George Westinghouse Vocational High School, 49 Flatbush Ave. Extension, do their part...

Dormitory in newsboy's lodging house

View of several boys sitting or lying in bunk beds in the bedroom of a newsboys' lodging house located...

E. H. Van Ingen & Co.

Exterior view of E. H. Van Ingen & Co., presumably an office building, located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 21st Street...

Emigrant Savings Bank

Exterior view of Emigrant Savings Bank located, presumably, in Manhattan. Image includes several other attached buildings and, in...

Essex Market Court House

Exterior view of Essex Market Court House, adjacent to the Ludlow Street Jail.


View of a moving double deck ferry named Washington. The location is unknown.