Eberhard Faber Pencil Company

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[A company function]

Persons at a company function.

[A company function]

A group of people at a company function.

[A packing machine]

Packaging machine--where each box is shaped, filled with a dozen pencils, closed and placed with companion boxes for shipment everywhere. (...

[Advertisement for Eberhard Faber 'Mongol" Pencil]

1939 [verso]; wooden display No.71, 3'8" wide, 3'10" high [recto]....

[Advertisement for Eberhard Faber Writing Materials]

Received Oct 24, 1939, 3:29 pm, Eberhard Faber Pencil Co., Brooklyn [Stamped...

[Automatic Packing of Colored Pencils]

Automatic packing of colored pencils. [Handwritten on verso]

[Boxing and Labeling Department]

Eberhard Faber Boxing & Labeling Dept.

[Cedar Slats]

Choice Western incense cedar slats--which are processed into wood bodies for pencils. Straight-grained, they are just right for easy sharpening. (...

[Contract signing]

Empire Photographers, Inc., 1595 Broadway, New York 19, NY [Stamped on verso]. Contract signing by Eberhard Faber executives.

[Eberhard Faber boxing and labelling department]

Employees in the Eberhard Faber Boxing and Labelling Department.

[Eberhard Faber Co., banquet/dinner function]

E Bohlin [verso]. A company banquet/ dinner function.

[Eberhard Faber II]

John who later changed his name to Eberhard Faber II. [Written on verso] Portrait of Eberhard Faber II, son of Eberhard Faber.

[Eberhard Faber Pencil Company Building]

A photographic copy of a black-and-white illustration of the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company...

[Eraser Display]

1939 [verso] Display of Eberhard Faber erasers.

[Female Factory Workers]

Women working in the Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory.

[Female Factory Workers]

Female factory workers in the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company Factory.

[Female Factory Workers]

Female factory workers in the Eberhard Pencil factory.

[Female Pencil Factory Workers]

Women working in the Eberhard Faber Pencil factory.

[Five-station machine--where fivo perations take place.]

Five-station machine--where five operations take place. Shoulder is...

[Groved slats receiving lead]

Groved slats entering machine to receive lead. [Handwritten on verso]

[Kiln used in the Eberhard Pencil Company]

Lead Processing--Furnace-kiln where leads are vitrified at 2100 degrees F. Batches in crucibles are...

[Lead Batches]

Lead batches. [Handwritten on verso]

[Lead Cutting]

Lead cutting; used WBRE 3/7/58 TV, [Gage] & Faber, 5th & 6th grades [Handwritten on verso]

[Lead Storage Boxes]

Photograph of lead storage boxes. [Handwritten on verso]

[Machinery used to receive leads]

Grooves to receive leads--Eight grooves at a time, half-lead deep, are cut on an exacting machine rumnning 9000...

[Mongol Colored Pencil Display]

1939 [verso]; wooden display No.72, 4' wide, 4'1" high [recto]. Display of Mongol colored pencils.

[Newly Coated Pencil]

newly coated pencils -- receive as many paint coats as a fine car -- up to 13. Thousands at a time move on a conveyor belt designed for...

[Pencil 'sandwich' clamped for drying]

Pencil "sandwich" clamped for drying--with leads rolled neatly into grooves, and one slat fitted...

[Pencil Production]

A step in the pencil production process.

[Pencil Varnishing]

Pencil varnishing [Typed on verso] of newly created pencils.

[Pencils cut from 'sandwich']

Individual pencils cut from "sandwich"--here eight pencils are cut apart from "sandwich" slat by high speed cutting...

[Portrait of Lothar Washington Faber]

Portrait of Lothar Washington Faber, son of Eberhard Faber.

[Process of creating the pencil 'lead']

Grooved Slat (right of photo); receiving lead (middle); and other grooved slat (left) to form "...

[Sanding machine]

High speed sanding machines smooth pencils--six sides are individually treated to give wood satiny smoothness. (Please credit: Eberhard Faber...

[Step in making the pencil 'sandwich.'

Step in making pencil "sandwich"--with leads in grooves between the slats, the "sandwich" is on the...

[The process of branding pencils]

Branding Pencils--a specially treated and imprinted India leaf is transposed on the pencil by means of heated dies. (...