Gravesend (New York, N.Y.)

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[# 1937 Stillwell Avenue.]

# 1937 Stillwell Avenue, opposite corner of 25th Avenue and Stillwell Avenue.

[#139 Avenue O.]

#139 Avenue O, righthand entrance of house.

[#141 Van Sicklen Street.]

#141 Van Sicklen Street.

[#143 Avenue O.]

#143 Avenue O.

[#1571 and #1567 W. 6th Street.]

#1571 (right) and #1567 (left) W. 6th Street between Avenue O and Avenue P.

[#1635 + #1633 W. 8th Street.]

#1635 (right) + #1633 (left) W. 8th Street.

[#175 Avenue P]

#175 Avenue P (on left), on northeast corner of W. 8th Street and Avenue P.

[#2113 W. 11th Street.]

#2113 W. 11th Street, Brooklyn, L.I.

[#238 Kings Highway.]

#238 Kings Highway. Modular Shop at southeast corner of W. 9th Street and Kings Highway.

[#249 Highlawn Avenue.]

#249 Highlawn Avenue.

[#253 Highlawn Avenue.]

#253 Highlawn Avenue (a fair-sized vegetable garden to the right of this house.)

[#253-255 Avenue S. #253 at left.]

#253-255 Avenue S. #253 at left. On north side of avenue between West 3rd Street and West 4th Street.

[#2623 86th Street.]

#2623 86th Street, Brooklyn, L.I.

[#273 Lake Street.]

#273 Lake Street - on east side of street to the north of Avenue U.

[412 Kings Highway.]

412 Kings Highway on corner. Houses on south side of Kings Highway at corner of Kings Place. View looking east.

[Archie C. Ketchum Square.]

Archie C. Ketchum Square at intersection of King's Highway, W. 9th Street and Quentin Road.

[Arzan Fuel Oil.]

Arzan Fuel Oil at northeast cor. of W. 7th Street & Kings Highway (rt.) View of north side of Kings/ Highway between W. 7th Street & W....

[Avenue U, looking northeast.]

Avenue U, looking northeast. Crisci's super market on corner at #157 Avenue U. Attardi's Shoes (#161 Avenue U) next...

[Avenue X station on IND line.]

Avenue X station on IND line.

[Avenue X station on IND line.]

Avenue X station on IND line.

[Avenue X station on IND line.]

View looking n.e. taken from Avenue X station on IND line.

[Betty's Art Shop.]

Betty's Art Shop at south east corner Kings Highway and W. 5th Street (W. 5th Street side showing).

[Brooklyn Public Library - Highlawn Branch.]

Brooklyn Public Library - Highlawn Branch - on West 6th Street a little to the north of...

[Brooklyn Public Library High Lawn branch.]

Brooklyn Public Library High Lawn branch, near n.e. cor. W. 6th Street & Kings Highway...

[Brooklyn Savings Bank.]

Brooklyn Savings Bank, on northeast corner of Kings Highway and McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn at #481 Kings Highway.

[Carroll Kitchen Cabinets on Shell Road.]

Carroll Kitchen Cabinets on Shell Road just south of Avenue X. View looking north. Carroll Kitchns...

[Congregation Bnai Jacob.]

Congregation Bnai Jacob, on no. side of Kings Highway between E. 3rd Street and Macdonald Avenue.

[Donlar Clothes.]

Donlar Clothes at n.w corner of W. 4th Street and Kings Highway, looking east along Kings Highway.

[Galaxie Awning Co.]

Galaxie Awning Co. at n.e., cor. W. 13th Street & Kings Highway.

[Heller's Pharmacy.]

Heller's Pharmacy at 78th Street & Kings Highway near Bay Parkway opposite big apt. house [near Quentin Road].

[J&S French Cleaners.]

J&S French Cleaners (left) and Em-Cee Fashions Outlet, between Dahill Road and W. First Street on north side of Kings Highway...

[Jay's Lounge.]

Jay's Lounge (Italian restaurant), 105 Avenue U/ Brooklyn, L.I. - at northwest corner of W. 9th Street and Avenue U.

[Jimmy's Luncheonette.]

Jimmy's Luncheonette at n.e. corner of Kings Highway and W. 5th Street.

[Kings Highway.]

Kings Highway. Shack between Jen's and a gift shop and between E. 2nd Street and McDonald Avenue on Kings Highway, Bklyn. at right Jen's Fashion...

[Kings Highway.]

Kings Highway between W. 8th Street and W. 9th Street. D.L. Baker real estate.

[Kings Highway.]

Kings Highway between W. 7th Street & W. 8th Street looking East. North side of street