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"Human Nature"

Men and boys sitting on the sidewalk against a wrought-iron fence, and eating. Presumably they are laborers on lunch break. One boy is...


A shoe shiner, Terry, standing in the open doorway of a hat cleaning store. His shoe shine chair is next to the door, in addition to painted shop signs...

"Terry" the Bootblack

A shoe shiner, Terry the bootblack, standing with his arms crossed in front of his shoe shine chair, next to a wrought-iron fence...

Angelo (?) Ramus

Bother of Louis Ramus, [son of Isaac and Esther Ramus]. Died in San Francisco at age 26.

Angelo Ramus

Brother of Louis.See letters from; died in California ca. 1849?[photograph embedded in photo album]

Boys Club, Dr. H.

Boys Club, Dr H. [written on recto]Group portrait of boys, young men and adults.

Boys on Cannon, Ft. Hamilton

Boys on CannonFt Hamilton [written on recto]Group portrait of boys on top of the Fort Hamilton cannon at John Paul Jones...


Man standing holding hand net in rowboat, with woman seated beside him, crabbing in Sheepshead Bay; A.V. MARTENSE, AMATEUR. [stamped in black ink on label on...

Dr. Backus, later [Dr. Backus (later)]

Portrait of Dr. Truman J. Backus, former president of Packer Collegiate Institute, around 1900. The Packer...

Fulton Ferry in Horse Car Days.

Street view of the Fulton Ferry Landing in Downtown Brooklyn, including horse-drawn streetcars, several pedestrians,...

Hotel Brighton, from Dixon's - After First Pull

Spectators watch Hotel Brighton being moved by railroad, with constructed and...

Ira Ramus

Ira Ramus, [Son of Louis Ramus].1906yrs-18 1/2

Isaac Ramus

Isaac Ramus, father of Louis Ramus, [Angelo Ramus]d. 1876Had a store on Canal St., N.Y.C.

J. Lott's Piazza

Group posing on J. Lott's piazza, centered around woman in rocking chair; Labor Day 1887 [written in pen on label on recto]; A. V. MARTENSE...

Looking Out My Gate

Cleared path after the blizzard, surrounded by piles of snow, leading up to gate, as viewed from Martense House; A. V. MARTENSE, AMATEUR...

Lott House

Lott House - 1672 ? / Henry Rapelye House. / New Lots. / Dr. Ralph I. Lloyd [handwritten on verso].

Louis Ramus

Louis RamusSon of Isaac Ramus and Esther Baruth

Louis Ramus

Louis RamusAge 57 - 1906

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus wearing suit and top hat.

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus

[from photo album]

Louis Ramus

[from photo album; second location]

Louis Ramus

b. 1849 June 1d. ca 1934 June 19

Louis Ramus

Louis Ramus (?) wearing a top hat.[Light hand-colored photograph embedded in photo album]

Louis Ramus

[Loose photograph inside photo album]

Louis Ramus [at the Masquerade Ball]

Louis RamusMarch 5th, 1917 at the Brooklyn Turn-Verein Hall, Masquerade Ball

Mollie's baby

Mollie's baby, being pushed in stroller by a woman, surrounded by three men; A. V. MARTENSE, AMATEUR. [stamped in black ink on label on recto];...

Portrait of [George B. Young]

Geo. B. Young [written on recto].Portrait of Geo. (short for George) B. Young reading at desk.

Russell G. Lloyd, from a daguerreotype

A photograph of an 1871 daguerreotype taken by Lloyd, ca. 1905. The portrait is of a man identified as...

Simon Cortelyou House

Simon Cortelyou House. / Government Reservation / Ft. Hamilton / Dr. Ralph I. Lloyd [handwritten on recto].

Snow Storm, 450 9th Street, Brooklyn

A man walking through a blizzard along wheel tracks in the center of snow-covered 9th street in Park...

Summer [Prospect Park West]

View of a tree-lined sidewalk along Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, in the summer. Apartment buildings line one side of the...

Truman J. Backus

Portrait of Dr. Truman J. Backus, former president of Packer Collegiate Institute, around 1900. The Packer Collegiate Institute records contain...

Van Wicklen Mill

Exterior view of the Van Wicklen Mill and Old Mill Creek (also known as Bull Creek) in New Lots. Includes men sitting against the mill and...