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New garage for A. I Namm

View of a garage for employees of A. I. Namm & Son located on Raymond Street, later renamed Ashland Place, in Fort Greene. The...

[#1115 71st Street (north side of street and near to 11th Avenue.)]

#1115 71st Street (north side of street and near to...

[#1147 49th Street.]

#1147 49th Street, between New Utrecht Avenue and 11th Avenue (north side of street.)

[#1153 85th Street (on north side of street between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue).]

#1153 85th Street (on...

[#13 Pineapple Street.]

#13 Pineapple Street.

[#1357-1359 85th Street.]

#1357-1359 85th Street - north side of street between 13th Avenue and 14th Avenue.

[#1583 85th Street.]

#1583 85th Street, at northwest corner of 16th Avenue and 85th Street.

[#2113 W. 11th Street.]

#2113 W. 11th Street, Brooklyn, L.I.

[#235 58th Street, Brooklyn (at right side).]

#235 58th Street, Brooklyn (at right side.)

[#298 DeKalb Avenue at right.]

#298 DeKalb Avenue at right. Left: #300 DeKalb Avenue. 2-car garage at far left (only a portion showing).

[#36 Strong Place.]

#36 Strong Place.

[#49 Hamilton Avenue and #51 Hamilton Avenue.]

#49 Hamilton Avenue (left) and #51 Hamilton Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Red Hook Section)....

[#837? Bedford Avenue.]

#837? Bedford Avenue. South of and next to #835.

[#9 Cranberry Street.]

#9 Cranberry Street.

[16th Avenue looking toward southeast corner of 86th Street.]

16th Avenue looking toward southeast corner of 86th Street...

[257-263 Washington Street]

East side of Washington Street, south of Concord Street. At 257 Washington Street is a Post Office garage; also visible are...

[75 Poplar Street (at left.)]

75 Poplar Street (at left.)

[Clinton Street (west side of street). ]

Clinton Street (west side of street). Atlantic Video Corp. (television and electronics manufacturers), #...

[E. 16th Street and Dorchester Road.]

House at s.w. corner of E. 16th Street and Dorchester Road next to cut. (There is a cat on the lawn at...

[East side of Bedford Avenue.]

East side of Bedford Avenue.

[East side of Eighth Avenue.]

East side of Eighth Avenue between Lincoln Place and Flatbush Avenue.

[Entrance to #268 Waverly Avenue (left) and to #266 Waverly Avenue (right).]

Entrance to #268 Waverly Avenue (left...

[L. Susskind Co., Inc. 310 Bridge Street.]

L. Susskind Co., Inc. 310 Bridge Street.

[North side of 27th Street.]

North side of 27th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues looking east. #171 27th Street first large building at left.

[North side of 64th Street.]

North side of 64th Street. Northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and 64th Street at far left.

[North side of 72nd Street.]

North side of 72nd Street, looking east. Northwest corner of 7th Avenue and 72nd Street at far right.

[North side of 76th Street .]

North side of 76th Street between 7th Avenue and 6th Avenue - near 7th Avenue.

[North side of 7th Street.]

North side of 7th Street. Tall building is #397 7th Street.

[North side of 85th Street between 16th Avenue and 17th Avenue.]

North side of 85th Street between 16th Avenue and...

[North side of Butler Street.]

North side of Butler Street between Smith Street and Court Street looking west.

[North side of Dean Street.]

North side of Dean Street looking west toward northeast corner of Dean Street + Clinton Street.

[North side of DeKalb Avenue Between Washington Park and Carlton Avenue. ]

North side of DeKalb Avenue...

[North west corner of Atlantic Avenue.]

North west corner of Atlantic Avenue (left) and Sheridan Avenue.

[Northside of 88th Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Gelston Avenue.]

Northside of 88th Street...

[Northwest corner of 86th Street and 10th Avenue. ]

Northwest corner of 86th Street and 10th Avenue. 86th Street side at right.

[Northwest corner of Bay Ridge Parkway.]

Northwest corner of Bay Ridge Parkway and 10th Avenue (former side showing).