Young adults

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Boys Club, Dr. H.

Boys Club, Dr H. [written on recto]Group portrait of boys, young men and adults.

[Boys getting fresh air and swimming]

Fresh Air Boys in Swim[ming?] [written on recto]

[Boys hiking along historical routes]

E. H. Boys on Redoubt, Route 25, 64, Built in 1776, Fresh air [written on recto]Boys from the Emmanuel...

[Boys with nets during instruction]

Boys V. B. S. [written on recto]Portrait of boys receiving instruction while holding nets

[Children go on a horse-wagon ride]

Transportation ofFresh Air [written on recto]

[Group portrait of Sunday School young people]

S. S. Young People [written on recto].Group portrait of well dressed young people from...

[Group portrait on outdoor porch]

Fresh Air Group at House [written on recto]Outdoor group portrait of adults and children on porch.

[Young men on a] Forest Park hike

Forest Park "Hike" [written on recto]Group photo of young men on a hike.