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[1-5 Willoughby Street]

Northeast corner of Adams Street and Willoughby Street. Shows 1 - 5 Willoughby Street.

[1607 Church Avenue.]

1607 Church Avenue (Maple Court Cafe).

[Carroll Cafe.]

Carroll Cafe, 531 Carroll Street.

[Court Street.]

Court Street.

[McGrath's Cafe, 216 Fulton Street (left-center).]

McGrath's Cafe, 216 Fulton Street (left-center).

[North side of Montague Street between Henry Street and Clinton Street.]

North side of Montague Street...

[North west corner of Crescent Street.]

North west corner of Crescent Street and Glenmore Avenue - The Flame Cafe.

[Northeast corner of Carlton Avenue and DeKalb Avenue.]

Northeast corner of Carlton Avenue and DeKalb Avenue. Stairway at far...

[Northwest corner of Bergen Street.]

Northwest corner of Bergen Street (left) and Smith Street.

[Northwest corner of DeKalb + Clermont Avenues.]

Northwest corner of DeKalb + Clermont Avenues.

[Terrace Cafe.]

Terrace Cafe, at southeast corner of Greenwood Avenue and East 4th Street. East 4th Street side showing.

[View from Sheepshead Bay BMT Station.]

View from Sheepshead Bay BMT Station. Carl's Cafe 1504 Sheepsehad Bay Road.

[View of Church Avenue.]

View of Church Avenue at corner of E. 16th Street (left).

[View of north side of Lafayette Avenue.]

View of north side of Lafayette Avenue near Fulton Street. #11 Lafayette Avenue.

[West side of Court Street.]

West side of Court Street. Northwest corner of Degraw Street and Court Street at left. Tuohy's Cafe on corner. To the right...