Industrial facilities

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[#1081 Flushing Avenue.]

#1081 Flushing Avenue, corner of Knickerbocker Avenue at right.

[#11 Fulton Street.]

#11 Fulton Street (Sign says "For Information Industrial Dept., Bulkely & Horton Co., Est. 1890, Realtors, Offices 660 Fulton St.,...

[#127-131 Boerum Place.]

#127-131 Boerum Place (left). Bronze-Craft, Inc. at right.

[#39 - 45 Front Street - Zerega.]

#39 - 45 Front Street - Zerega.

[#48 Columbia Heights.]

#48 Columbia Heights, just to the south of Squibb Co.

[1325 Flushing Avenue.]

1325 Flushing Avenue.

[160-172 Adams Street]

West side of Adams Street between Nassau Street and High Street. Taken from High Street. Shows 160 - 172 Adams Street.

[166-180 Pearl Street]

West side of Pearl Street, south of Sands Street. Shows 166-180 Pearl Street.

[220 Adams Street]

West side of Adams Street, south of Concord Street. Shows 220 Adams Street.

[250-246 Adams Street]

Northeast corner of Adams Street and Tillary Street. Shows 246 - 250 Adams Street.

[A portion of Squibb Co.]

A portion of Squibb Co.

[Adams Street north of Tillary Street]

Adams Street, north of Tillary Street. Shows 250 - ? Adams Street.

[Carroll Kitchen Cabinets on Shell Road.]

Carroll Kitchen Cabinets on Shell Road just south of Avenue X. View looking north. Carroll Kitchns...

[Carroll Street bridge.]

Carroll Street bridge (over Gowanus Canal).

[Central Lumber Co.]

Central Lumber Co., Atlantic Avenue between Court Street and Boerum Place. #229 Atlantic Avenue.

[Corner of Fulton Street & Front Street.]

Corner of Fulton Street & Front Street.

[Corner of Morgan Avenue.]

Corner of Morgan Avenue (left) and Flushing Avenue.

[East side of Smith Street.]

East side of Smith Street - just opposite end of Luquer Street.

[Eberhard Faber Pencil Company Building]

A photographic copy of a black-and-white illustration of the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company...

[Factory on Fifteenth Avenue.]

Factory on Fifteenth Avenue opposite BMT Sta. at 15th Avenue & 63rd Street.

[Factory on Southeast corner of DeKalb Avenue (left) and Grand Avenue (right.)]

Factory on Southeast corner of...

[General Industrial Contracting Co.]

General Industrial Contracting Co., west side of Everit Street, between Doughty Street and Fulton Street...

[Groved slats receiving lead]

Groved slats entering machine to receive lead. [Handwritten on verso]

[Gundolt Carpet Workroom Co.]

Gundolt Carpet Workroom Co. 183 Pacific Street (between Clinton Street and Court Street).

[High Street and Adams Street]

West side of Adams Street, between High Street and Sands Street. Taken from the corner of High Street and Adams...

[Hudson Tea and Spice Co.]

Hudson Tea and Spice Co., 25th Street Rader Drug Co. in same building. {Rader Drug Co. Inc. at/ 225 25th St. per tel. dir. (...

[Launderers' Riteway Corp.]

Launderers' Riteway Corp., north side of Atlantic Avenue, just east of Euclid Avenue.

[Lower Fulton Street.]

Lower Fulton Street (north side.) #11 Fulton Street at right.

[Lucky Toy Co.]

Lucky Toy Co., Front Street, manufacturers of stuffed toys.

[N.E. cor. 62nd Street and New Utrect Avenue.]

N.E. cor. 62nd Street and New Utrect Avenue. 62nd Street station on el. West End line....

[National Paper [sic] Box Factory, Union Street.]

National Paper [sic] Box Factory, Union Street. Northwest corner of Union Street...

[No Cal Beverages, Flushing Avenue.]

No Cal Beverages, Flushing Avenue.

[North side of 86th Street.]

North side of 86th Street between 16th and 17th Avenues. The shop at left - part of Benham Manufacturing Corp. is at #1663...

[North side of Ash Street between Manhattan Avenue and Oakland Street.]

North side of Ash Street between...

[North side of Ash Street between Manhattan Avenue and Oakland Street.]

North side of Ash Street between...

[North side of Dean Street.]

North side of Dean Street looking west toward northeast corner of Dean Street + Clinton Street.