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Beach & bathers

Crowd on Coney Island beach; beach umbrella in lower left; jetty in right background.

Connie Stratis and Pat Flannery

Young girl wearing bathing suit standing poolside holding parasol in right hand and young woman wearing bathing...

Dernier cri, 1926

Caption: "Dernier cri, 1926--Here's what the well-dressed miss wore at the beach and off it when Public School 207, Coleman St. and Fillmore...

Sylvia Gewirtz

Woman holding umbrella fishing from pier in foreground with many peopel standing in background and section of amusement park in far background....

[Coney Island beach]

Crowd on Coney Island beach with many beach chairs and umbrellas; small section of boardwalk in left background.

[Coney Island beach]

Six women (three sitting under beach umbrella, one standing, one bending over) and two boys (standing) on Coney Island beach; several...

[Crowd on Coney Island beach]

Crowd on Coney Island beach; three men sitting under beach umbrella in foreground.

[Five children and a dog on steps]

Five children in raincoats or with umbrellas, with a dog, on steps in a doorway.

[House interior]

Interior of H. W. Sherrill's house, showing railing of staircase, draperies, carpets, umbrella stand, picture frame and table; A. V. MARTENSE,...