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Foot of Chambers Street

View of several freight wagons and buildings at the foot of Chambers Street.

Mott House

Mott House. Flushing Avenue / near Woodward Avenue / Dr. Ralph I. Lloyd.

PS 19

Close-up of facade of PS 19, a large, five-story, brick building located at Keap Street and South 3rd Street, iron fence along front and side, eight schoolboys and...

Schenck House, Canarsie

Exterior view of a historic house with bare trees in the yard and a wagon cart adjacent to the front porch. (Schenck House - 1770...

We want our nursery centers

Caption: "We want our nursery centers--A wagon-load of children, including children from Brooklyn's 87 child-day-care...

[Children go on a horse-wagon ride]

Transportation ofFresh Air [written on recto]

[Delivery wagon and housewives]

Horse-drawn delivery wagon & housewives.

[Four men with wagon in front of box car]

Four men in suits and hats with a wagon in front of a railway box car.

[Horse-drawn wagons on West Street]

View of horse-drawn wagon traffic on West Street.

[Ice Delivery from the American Ice Company to Emmanuel House]

Casper, Iceman [written on recto].Horse-drawn wagon delivering...