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Young woman and two young men riding on Coney Island carousel.

Coney Island

View of group of children riding on a Coney Island carousel. The image is not dated.

Get a horse!

Caption: "Get a horse!--'Look Ma, no hands!' exclaims little Stephanie Anne Sunshine, 2, of 484 67th St. from her [Coney Island] merry-go-round saddle,...

Indoor outing

Two boys and one girl waving to photographer from merry-go-round; adults watching in background. Caption: "INDOOR OUTING: Three of the hundreds of...

Kerosene lamps

Display of three hanging kerosene lamps and elaborate architectural frieze above featuring a devil-like figure riding a large fish, both of which...

McCullogh's Merry-go-round

McCullogh's Merry-go-round at Surf Avenue and 8th Street in Coney Island with two young women riding, one trying to...

McCullogh's Merry-go-round

McCullogh's Merry-go-round, at Surf Avenue and 8th Street in Coney Island with several young women riding.

Wasting no time

Boy with remote control in hand looking up at toy robot on table (8 x 8 in.). Caption: "WASTING NO TIME: It's getting to feel a lot like...

Wasting no time

Close-up of blonde girl riding horse on merry-go-round, with father and child in background (8 x 6 in.). Caption: "WASTING NO TIME: It's...

[Carousel model]

Model (patented?) of carousel with suspended, swinging cars above; in wood-framed glass case in American Museum of Public Recreation in Coney...

[Coney Island carousel]

Three men refurbishing indoor Coney Island carousel.